Frequently Asked Questions

TWI Ladder Site

Why can I not join a ladder or tournament?

Ladders and tournaments have a minimum player requirement. If your team has less than that number, then you won't be able to join the ladder/tournament. The minimum player requirement varies per ladder/tournament. The minimum player requirement can be found in the rules of the ladder/tournament.

How can I change my name on the TWI Ladder Site?

The TWI Ladder Site uses your steam name as it was when you first time logged in. If you changed your steam name afterwards, then this name change will not automatically be taken over by the site. It is however possible to re-synchronize your name. To do so:

  1. Change your name on steam to the name that you want to use on the TWI Ladder Site.
  2. Sign in on the TWI Ladder Site.
  3. Open your personal menu. The personal menu can be opened by clicking on your user name at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Edit Profile. The Edit Profile page will appear.
  5. Click the Refresh Steam Data button to take over your current steam name. The Refresh Steam Data is located at the bottom-left of the Edit Profile page.

TWI Ladder Servers

How can I pause a match?

Team-leaders and co-leaders have the ability to pause an on-going match. They can do that by typing $pause (including the $ sign) in the chat (either public, team or squad chat) or by pressing the Pause/Break button on their keyboard. The match is resumed the same way. Be aware that the number of pause requests per team is limited. Currently it is set to 2 pause tickets per team per round.

In an official TWIL ladder match, pausing may only be used when a player loses connection during the match or the server does not function properly, requiring the help of an admin. Read more from Match Play Rules.

How can I change to another map?

You can change maps on the server by voting in the map-voting menu. Team-leaders and co-leaders also have the ability to change to another map. They can do that by typing $AdminChangeMap (including the $ sign) in the chat (either public, team or squad chat). Map-name must be the exact name of the map, for instance TE-Apartments. In that case the command will be $AdminChangeMap TE-Apartments. The syntax is not case sensitive.

Can I view demos of played TWIL matches?

Yes, we offer a tool for downloading demos and the corresponding mutator for matches played on TWIL Servers. Read more about the TWIL Demo Manager. You can find tutorial here.

Note: TWIL Staff will not provide further support for the tool, use at own risk.

Can I get the TWIL mutator for my clan's server?

Yes, we offer the TWIL mutator for your TWIL clans, check out the PCW Mutator. Using the PCW Mutator will set your servers settings to the same as TWIL Servers use.

My clan does not have a server, can we use TWIL servers for practice matches?

Yes, you can use TWIL servers for playing a practice match, if

  • The server is not booked for a match
  • The server is not currently in use

In other words, a pratice match cannot disturb a match that has already been scheduled for the server.

When playing a practice match on TWIL Servers, Team-leaders and co-leaders can set the mutator to PCW-mode, allowing non-registered players to join the server. This can be done by typing $PcwMode On (including the $ sign) in the chat (either public, team or squad chat). The PCW mode can be enabled in the match start lobby only (not during game-play, neither during mid-match lobby). To check if PCW-mode is enabled, type $PcwMode, and to turn PCW-mode off type $PcwMode Off.

Please note that match results of any match with PCW-mode enabled will be rejected by TWIL!

Why can't I join a server when there is a match going on and player slots are still available?

The servers do lock the player count as soon as the match is started. It will lock it to the number of players at match start. This prevents that players can sneak into an on-going match. The lock is only on player count and not on player name. This means if player A disconnects, then he can be replaced by player B. The lock is temporary lifted if the match is paused. This allows a player to (re-)join when he got disconnected around match start.

Why do I get kicked on each TWIL server with the following message? TWI Ladder Mutator: You are not authorized to connect to this server

If you get constalntly kicked from any of the TWIL servers with the message TWI Ladder Mutator: You are not authorized to connect to this server, then it means that you are not a registered to any of the clans that participate at TWIL. The only way to resolve this is by signing in at the TWIL site (with your steam account) and join one of the clans.



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