TWIL Grudge Match Season 2015


Grudge Matches are matches unrelated to any other TWIL event. They are not part of any tournament/cup, ladder or league. Teams that did sign-up for Grudge Matches will be invited by TWIL to play a match against an other team. Such a match is called a Grudge Match and consists out of 2 maps being played (2 round on each map). The winner of a Grudge Match will be rewarded with a prize of 50 US$.


  1. All Grudge Matches will be played in Territory mode.

  2. All Grudge Matches will be played with the vanilla/default/out-of-the-box RO2 realism settings (including active progression system). Additional mutator options:
    • Stationary heavy machine guns: enabled
    • Areal recon plane: enabled
    The settings are basically test settings and might change over the weeks when we gain more feedback and knowledge for the next TWIL season.

  3. A Grudge Match consists out of 2 maps. 2 rounds will be played on each map. Teams switch sides after the 1st round.

  4. The team size will be 8 players.

  5. TWIL will randomly choose two teams from the registered teams at TWIL and invite them to play a Grudge Match. The selection procedure is explained in the Match Invitation section.

  6. The invited teams have 2 weeks (starting from the invitation date) to arrange/schedule their Grudge Match (it will not be mandatory to play both maps on the same day).

  7. The two teams decide which 2 maps they are going to play in their Grudge Match using a map voting system. The map voting system is explained in the Map Voting section.

  8. The winner of the Grudge Match (calculated over both maps) will win 50 US$.

  9. The winning team will not be chosen for 4 weeks. After those 4 weeks they will be back on the list and might be randomly chosen again as described at E.

  10. Any team can sign-up for participating in Grudge Matches. The sign-up will open on Sunday January 18 on This means also teams that never participated in any TWIL event yet.

  11. Grudge Matches will repeat with a frequency of 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks 2 Grudge Matches will be played.

Match Invitation

The Grudge Match invitations are done every 2 weeks. The TWIL staff will randomly pick 2 teams from the team list. Those 2 teams will then receive an invitation message from TWIL. From this point on the teams have 2 weeks to schedule and play their Grudge Match. It is not mandatory that both maps are played on the same day. It is however mandatory that both rounds (on the same map) are played after each other (thus without leaving the server or restarting the map). TWIL will invite 4 teams per 2 weeks. This means that every 14 days 2 Grudge Matches will be played.

Draw Rounds

The team drawing for each Grudge Match is called Draw Rounds. The draws within a draw round are done randomly from a team-list. There are however a few conditions that influence the team-list available per draw round.

  • For the very first draw round the team-list is equal to the team listing on the Grudge Match sign up page (here).
  • If a team did win a Grudge Match, then that team will be removed from the team-list for the next 2 draw rounds and rejoin on the team-list after 4 weeks. This means that a winning team is excluded from Grudge Matches over a period of 4 weeks (equals 2 draw rounds).
  • If a new team did sign-up here while the Grudge Matches season is already started, then they will be added to the team-list after the next draw round.
  • If the a team does not show up for a Grudge Match, then the other team will be automatically drawn in the next draw round.

The frequency of the draw rounds is 14 days.

Map Voting

The maps played during a Grudge Match are selected by the 2 teams that are invited for the Grudge Match. For this a map voting system is used.

  1. Each teams select 1 map that they do not want to play from the following list.

    • TE-Apartments
    • TE-Barracks
    • TE-CommissarsHouse
    • TE-FallenFighters
    • TE-GrainElevator
    • TE-MamayevKurgan
    • TE-PavlovsHouse
    • TE-RedOctoberFactory
    • TE-Spartanovka
    • TE-StalingradKessel
    • TE-Station

    The selected maps will be removed from the map list.

  2. Each team will now pick 1 map from the remaining map list. That map will be the home map for the team that picked it. On the home map the other team selects the side on which they want to start (Allies/Axis).


The Grudge Match rules for the 2015 season can be found here.


TWIL has set-up 6 servers for the Grudge Matches. It is mandatory that the Grudge Matches are played on any of those servers. The teams has to agree before the match on which servers the matches will be played. These are the server details:


TWIL TE Grudge Match EU #3


TWIL TE Grudge Match EU #4


North America - East Coast

TWIL TE Grudge Match US:E #3


TWIL TE Grudge Match US:E #4


North America - West Coast

TWIL TE Grudge Match US:W #5


TWIL TE Grudge Match US:W #6




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Wednesday, December 10th @ 19:00 UTC/GMT
Sunday, November 30th @ 15:45 UTC/GMT
Sunday, November 30th @ 14:30 UTC/GMT
Sunday, November 30th @ 14:00 UTC/GMT
Saturday, November 29th @ 16:00 UTC/GMT
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