Global Rules


  1. If the ladder or tournament rules for a specific ladder/tournament conflict with these global rules, then the specific rules have precedence.

  2. The proper functioning of any competitive system depends on the sportsmanship of the participating teams. We expect everybody to play by the rules, but also to be flexible when circumstances require it and to be reasonable when an opponent has problems beyond their control. Please read the Player code of conduct and the cheating & abuse rules.

  3. Not knowing the TWIL ladder/tournament rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

  4. Any rule violation may result in a forfeit loss unless stated otherwise in the ladder/tournament rules. A forfeit loss means the clan/team getting punished will lose 16 points and the opposing clan will gain 16 points, or the appropriate amount of points for the match in question.

    Exceptions apply to the Cheating & Abuse rules where players and clans/teams that breach these rules will be dealt with by those specific rules.

  5. TWIL reserves the right to broadcast/stream every match. This can be done with online game broadcast tools for spectating purposes. The recording of such broadcasts cannot be refused by any of the clans/teams playing in TWIL ladders or tournaments. In some cases TWIL will allow or ask third parties to broadcast the matches. Spectators for such broadcasts may never be charged.

  6. For any questions or comments concerning the ladder/tournament or the outcome of conflicts, contact the ladder section admin via the TWIL ticket system.

    For any questions or comments concerning the ladder/tournament or the outcome of conflicts that the section admin can't resolve, or for complaints about the section admin, please contact a senior TWIL admin. Mails must be written in English. A mail not written in English will not be understood and will not be read. Mail containing abusive language will be ignored and may result in the offender being banned from TWIL. Mailed complaints will be ignored by the TWIL staff where they involve, (a) a controversial issue that has not been discussed with the ladder/tournament section admin first, or (b) a decision made by the ladder/tournament section admin who has correctly applied the rules.

  7. Agreements and arrangements made before the match, on the server or elsewhere are not binding. Only the official ladder rules and settings (maps etc) agreed on the challenge form should be followed and be considered as the correct rules. Agreements that contradict the ladder rules will be overruled in conflicts. For example: In conflicts, we will ignore teams who claim that the opponent agreed they could use a non-registered player or ignore the 24-hour rule.

    The native language at TWIL is English and all communication to admins must be in English.

    TWIL has many clans from different countries competing in its ladders and tournaments. Because of this we insist that all public communication and chat between opposing clans be in English.

Disclaimer: references to any gender in any TWIL rules or codes within this website do not imply these ladder/tournament rules are gender-specific.

Reserved rights

TWIL reserve the right to refuse entry to any clan/team or player for whatever reason they see fit, in addition TWIL reserve the right to remove any clan/team or player for whatever reason they see fit from competing in any event held or sponsored by TWIL.

TWIL reserve the right to change any/all rules to any/all events published within the website.

All players who register on the website either as part of a clan/team or as an individual will have by default agreed to abide by all rules, codes and any future amendments as stated within all sections of the website. In addition all said players will agree to abide by all decisions and consequences made known by TWIL due to any breach of the above mentioned rules and codes.

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What we expect

All competing players and clans/teams must abide by the rules and codes laid down within this document without exception. Failure to do so could lead to the permanent removal of any player or clan/team from the competing team list at TWIL. If in doubt ask a member of the Admin team.

Here at TWIL we expect the highest standards from our community, its players and teams. We expect all teams and players to behave in a mature and well behaved way, to set a standard of sportsmanship and fair play that does not reflect poorly upon themselves, the community or TWIL in any ladders/tournaments they take part in.

For the purposes of clarity any abuse of the following could result in your whole team being removed from all TWIL tournaments permanently:

  1. You will treat all your fellow players, admins and visitors with respect.

  2. No foul language, racism, sexually explicit language, disruptive behaviour, insulting behaviour or racist, sexually explicit or insulting names will be tolerated no matter what the excuse.

  3. You will not accuse, argue or otherwise insult in public any admin, player or visitor. If you have a problem or a dispute with another player or team you must bring to the attention of a TWIL admin via the ticket system.

  4. We play by the rules at TWIL and we expect everyone else to do so as well. No cheating, glitching or use of exploits of any description are allowed as outlined in our cheating & abuse rules and or any other codes or rules as published in the TWIL website and forums.

  5. Finally: this is meant to be fun for everyone involved so please encourage good behaviour and fair play. There will be some big awards and rewards for players and teams who set the example in this way. So please encourage everyone in your team to have fun, to respect all players and play by the rules.

Clans/Teams and Players

  1. Any clan registered on TWIL can participate in any ladder as long as it has the minimum player requirement. For information on how to register your clan/team on TWIL, please read the TWIL faq.

  2. It is forbidden for a player to be a member of more than one clan/team in any TWIL Event.

  3. Only players who are registered in a clan/team on TWIL can play in ladder/tournament matches, and they can only play with the Steam account they are registered with in that clan/team.

  4. Using a non-registered player in a ladder match will result in a forfeit loss. Using multiple non-registered players will result in deletion of the clan. See creating a team for details.

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Create your team in your members area and get your clan members to join TWIL and invite them to join your team. You will need a minimum of 6 players in order to compete in matches at TWIL.

  1. Teams must have the team's full name and clan tag submitted. The full name and clan tag may not conflict with any of the rules stated on TWI´s forum. You can find those rules here under the sections Username, Avatar and Signature Rules and Offensive material.

  2. All Teams must appoint a team leader and co-leader.

  3. All players participating for a team must be registered on the site ( with their Steam account and must be a part of the team's roster.

  4. All team players must register a valid working email.

Failure to complete any of the above will eliminate teams or players from competing in any TWIL event until such time that all of the above criteria are completed.

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24-hour rule / roster

  1. Only players who are registered in a clan/team on TWIL can play in competitive matches, and they can only play with the Steam account they're registered with in that clan/team.

    New players must have been registered as clan/team member for 24 hours or more to be allowed to play for their new clan/team.

    Unregistered players, registered clan/team members who use a different Steam account or members that haven't been in the clan for more than 24 hours will not be allowed.

  2. No player may play for more than one team in any TWIL event. Furthermore, it must be the team that they are registered to play for.

  3. Any clan/team found to be using players during any official TWIL match that are not registered to their own clan/team will be penalised by forfeiting any match that player has taken played as part of that clan/team to their opposition for that particular match. Further violations may result in that clan/team being removed from the TWIL competing clans/ teams list and will not be allowed to compete in any TWIL event for as long as TWIL deem appropriate.

  4. Multiple registrations using multiple Steam accounts will not be allowed. If this is found to be the case for any clan/team or player then both the clan/team and player will be removed from competing at TWIL for as long as TWIL deem appropriate.

  5. No team/clan may enter more than one team per competition unless it has been specified as such within any rules for a specific competition.

Note: Clans/teams may occasionally have an opportunity to enter more than one team for specific events but only if it has been sanctioned by TWIL. These events will be announced in advance.

Changing a team

If a player leaves any clan/team and wishes to play for another clan/team they must first inform the TWIL staff via the ticket system with the following details:

  • A: Which clan/team they are leaving
  • B: Which team they wish to join
  • C: Reason for the change

A player is allowed one (1) team change per season, if he has a valid reason and the following rules are followed:

  • The switching player has not played more than three (3) matches for his current team
  • The team the player switches to is not in the top 3 of the ladder
  • The ladder season is at least four (4) weeks away from the end date
  • The player must either use the team tag of his new team or no team tag during TWIL matches
  • The player has submitted a ticket about the team change and the ticket has been approved by the staff

The following rules do not apply if the player's current team has gone inactive

  • The switching player has not played more than three (3) matches for his current team
  • The team the player switches to is not in the top 3 of the ladder
  • The ladder season is at least four (4) weeks away from the end date

During the last seven (7) days of the ladder season, no team changes are allowed

Players will not be allowed to play in any event that they may have already played in for another team unless approved by the staff. If the situation requires, a team-change request will be handled case-by-case by the staff to assess the validity of the request.

The player will not be allowed to play for their new clan/team for at least 24 hours or until they have been given formal permission by a relevant section admin.

This rule applies to players already registered wishing to play for another clan/team than the player's current clan/team.

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  1. TWIL will only create ladders or tournaments where we believe there are enough players for it. When a new game or mod is released, we will create a discussion within the community to judge its worth, and if we feel it appropriate we will create a new ladder or tournament for that mod or game.

  2. If you would like to request a new TWIL ladder/tournament for a new game, mod or an existing game and you think there will be enough interest from other clans/teams to make it competitive – please contact a TWIL Admin via email or forum PM. We will consider adding the ladder/tournament, based on the popularity of the game or mod and based on our relevant expertise in order to provide a great working ladder/tournament. There is no set number of votes that will ensure a ladder/tournament or game is added. The ladder/tournament/game may be rejected if it has been tried before and failed.

  3. Country/region ladders may be restricted to clans/teams of the corresponding nationality, appearing in the Regional Ladders/tournaments section of the rules. Not every ladder/tournament will have these rules, but the restriction for all regional ladders/tournaments is that matches for country/region ladders/tournaments have to be played on servers in that country/region, unless both clans/teams prefer not to. When clans/teams play on a server not within the region, neither clan/team can later dispute the score because of it, as when a match starts and if no complaint is made before the start of round 2 – servers and settings are accepted. Disputes need to be settled where possible before the match starts.

  4. TWIL will consider putting any clan that hasn't played a match in the ladder for 4 weeks into hibernation. After two weeks in hibernation, the clan gets a warning regarding inactivity and of possible removal. This gives them enough time to get back into the ladder without suffering an inactivity removal. After 2 months of inactivity, a clan is removed from the ladder completely. If you know that you won't be able to play matches for several weeks, you can put your clan yourself in hibernation by submitting a ticket to the TWIL admins notifying them of your intentions. However any clan that submits a hibernation ticket will still be considered for removal from ladder after two months.

  5. Playing several matches against the same opponent in a short period of time is considered cheating as it distorts the ranking. As a rule of thumb, never play the same opponent twice in less than one week unless you also play many other matches against other clans/teams. In case of serious violations of this rule it will be assumed the matches are fake.

  6. Clans/teams without the required amount of players as per specific any ladder/tournament rules can be removed from the ladder after 7 days.

  7. When a possible fake match is discovered, both clans involved will be deleted from TWIL without warning. Clan/team leaders have 72 hours to appeal against this decision, but they must supply proof of the match in the form of screenshots or demos. Players should appeal by mail to the section admin that reported them. If the section admin details were not included in the clan/team deletion notes they may appeal to a senior TWIL admin by mail.

  8. The TWIL mutator/pcw mutator is the copyright and property of TWIL/TWI and as such no unauthorized use will be tolerated. If such use is found or suspected then those involved will be banned from competing and removed from the TWIL site & forums.

The rating system

  1. TWI ladder uses a rating system based on the Elo-system known from chess. Every clan/team starts with a rating of 1500 points. After each match, points are added or subtracted based on whether the outcome of the match was a win, a loss or a draw (the score has no importance).

  2. How many points you gain after a win/draw or lose after a defeat/draw depends on the rating difference between you and your opponent before the match.

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  1. Teams must consist of even numbers with a minimum of 6 players per side up to a maximum of 8 players per side. The team sizes must be agreed by both teams prior to a match taking place. If there is any disagreement TWIL will always insist that the match be played with the minimum required players.

  2. The deadline for reacting to a challenge is five (5) days after the challenge or five (5) days before the war, whichever is later. If by the deadline the opponent still hasn't reacted to the challenge, they will be punished by point deduction in the ETP column of that ladder. If the ladder leader ignores such a challenge, they will lose their position to the second clan.

  3. A team may not challenge the same team they have just played in a ladder until one of these conditions is met:

    • Two (2) matches with other teams have been played since the two clans' last match in that ladder

    • Eight (8) days have passed since the two clans' last match in that ladder

  4. You can only refuse a challenge from another clan in the following cases:

    • Reschedule: You want to reschedule the match to another date. This date has to be within seven (7) days of the original challenge date.

    • Busy in ladder: You already have three (3) or more matches in the next ten (10) days.

    • Unequal match: There is a gap of 7 ranking positions and 80 Elo-rating between you and your opponent, or you have an Elo-rating of 1660+ and it's your opponent's first match.

    • Hibernate: You want to set your clan as inactive in this ladder but after that you cannot be challenged by others, cannot challenge others and can only become active upon a ticket request to TWIL.

    Rejecting challenges without a valid reason will be punished with deductions in the ETP column or removal from the ladder completely.

  5. If you don't want to play the match for some other reason, you'll have to contact the other clan/team (Steam, e-mail, IRC, TWIL TS3 server) and persuade them to cancel their challenge.

  6. Matches may always be canceled by either team if they give at least 72 hours notice to their opponents. But a ticket to TWIL staff must be submitted at that time. If no ticket is submitted then TWIL will deem this match as a no-show from the team or teams that have cancelled. With less than 72 hours to a match both teams must agree to a cancelation or reschedule if they do not then the team wishing to cancel must accept a forfiet loss.

  7. A scheduled match can be cancelled up until 12 hours before the starting time on the upcoming matches section. The side that wishes to cancel the match will either have to request a reschedule or suffer a no show penalty loss. Simply submit a ticket stating the match was cancelled with the agreement of both sides and the ID of challenge. The challenge will be removed by an admin allowing the teams to set a new challenge and a new date. DO NOT REPORT THE MATCH USING THE MATCH REPORT SYSTEM.

  8. Match times and dates are agreed by both teams and if changed for any reason then both teams need to agree to that change. If you wish a match time/date to be officially changed then the challenging team must submit a ticket stating the new match time has been agreed by both sides along with the ID of challenge. An admin will amend the challenge to show the new time or date.

  9. When both clans/teams agree not to play a match it can be cancelled for any reason after its scheduled starting time. Simply submit a ticket stating the match was cancelled with the agreement of both sides and the ID of challenge. The challenge will be removed by an admin allowing the teams to set a new challenge and a new date. DO NOT REPORT THE MATCH USING THE MATCH REPORT SYSTEM.

  10. Repeated cancellations and/or rescheduling of matches can lead to a team being punished by point deduction in the ETP column of that ladder. As a rule we will not accept more than 2 continuos cancelations or reschedules.

  11. We will not accept match results when there was no accepted challenge for that match on the TWIL site.

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Before the match

  1. To find your opponent before a match, you should look on their clan/team room or contact them directly through Steam, IRC, e-mail or any other means.

  2. If you can't find each other this way, inform a TWIL admin.

  3. If you still haven't managed to get in touch with your opponent 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time of the war, you can submit a no-show support ticket. You have to state that the opponent did not show. This and screenshots of your prescence on the server at match time will be considered proof of your presence and your opponent’s absence.

  4. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you have to accept a no-show if your opponent insists.

  5. If you feel there's a good reason the result shouldn't be a no-show, you'll have to convince your opponent of that.

  6. If one clan/team is short of players or refuses to start the match with the rules agreed upon in the challenge form, the other clan/team can demand a no-show to be filled in. Remember the challenge notes, the proposed server and agreements made elsewhere are not considered to be binding rules.

During the match

  1. Once a match has started, it's result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping or lag issues are no excuse for leaving.

  2. If a match is played between a EU and a NA clan, one map will be played on an EU server and the other on an NA server. In a match between a SA and a EU clan the match will be played fully on an NA server. If both clans agree, the servers may be chosen differently.

  3. If a player drops from the match (due to connection problems, computer issues, etc.), the match can be paused for up to 5 minutes (read the FAQ about pausing).

    If the player does not rejoin in that time the side has a further minute to find a substitute, otherwise the game will be played 1 player down (i.e. 8v7). A substitute player, registered to that clan/team, may connect at any time during that round to replace a dropped player.

    If another player from the same clan/team drops (i.e. 8v6) it is up to the side with the correct number of players whether to finish playing that round or whether to wait for another player to join or reconnect.

    • A team may only pause the game in the event that a player disconnects or the server is not functioning properly and an admin is needed. In these case, a team may pause the game for up to 5 minutes, two times per round.
    • The only reasons to pause the game is when a player loses connection to the server or the server does not function properly, requiring the help of an admin. A pause may not be used for tactical pauses or breaks during the round.
  4. In the event of a server crash within the first 5 minutes of a game, the round will be restarted and played in its entirety.

  5. If one clan/team walks away from the match, the score at the time when their last player quit can be considered to be the result of the match by the clan/team that stayed. If this score doesn't reflect the probable final outcome of the match, TWIL can change it to the advantage of the clan/team that stayed.

After the match

  1. Either clan/team can enter the result of a match. A match result can be:

    • The real score of the match.

    • A no-show if the opponent didn't show up. The result reflects the punishment specified in the rules which the opponent violated.

    • A forfeit if the opponent violated rules with no punishment specified.

  2. Once one clan/team has entered a result, two things can happen:

    • The score is accepted by the other clan/team, and ladder/tournament ratings are adjusted accordingly.

    • The other clan/team refuses to accept the score, and enters another result, making it a match conflict (see Conflicts). Teams have three (3) days in which to post results, and a result must be posted, be it agreement or dispute. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit.

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We have added a Extra Team Points (ETP) column to the ladder that will allow us to award or deduct points from a clan without affecting the Elo rating. At the end of a particular season these points will be added to or subtracted from a teams total Elo rating to determine a total season score.

  1. No points/default wins will be awarded to an active clan if their opponent enters inactivity more than 48 hours before a match. If a team goes inactive within 48 hours before a match start, then the opposing team will receive points for a no-show. Abusing this rule will be punished with deductions in the ETP column or removal from the ladder completely.

  2. All match results for no-shows will be logged as 0-0 draws as there are no points at all awarded for this result. DO NOT REPORT NO-SHOW MATCHES USING THE MATCH REPORT SYSTEM! Admins will set the matches correctly.

  3. For a no-show against an active clan, the attending clan will receive a +5 points score in their ETP column and the no-show clan will receive a -3 score in their ETP column.

  4. For a clan that does not respond to a challenge within the 5 day reaction period, -3 points will be deducted from their ETP column. If they habitually fail to respond to further challenges without providing a valid reason as specified within the TWIL match arrangement rules we will deduct an additional -8 points for every event or as we see fit. Abusing this rule could lead to removal from the ladder completely.

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  1. The match conflict system functions as a court room with TWIL admins acting as judges. A match conflict can be made when the result entered by one clan/team is not accepted by the other. Due to the extra workload conflicts cause, the rules below are to be strictly followed.

  2. We will not allow the creation of match conflicts during the first 24 hours after the match time, so try to solve the conflict with your opponent by Steam, IRC, e-mail, TWIL TS3 server or any other means first. Not making an effort before starting the official match conflict, will result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

  3. If you can't resolve the conflict with your opponent then try entering the appropriate match result first. Only after the opponent changes the result, you should initiate a conflict and submit a ticket to the TWIL admin staff. Entering false match results will result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

  4. In the conflict both sides must explain the problem in a short but clear and complete way. Only relevant and proven facts may be mentioned. Links to proof must be included right away. If proof is requested from the other clan/team, it must exactly be stated what, from who and for what reasons. Failure to make a proper match conflict will lead to an automatic loss of the conflict.

  5. Clans/teams are allowed to write conflicts and comments in the language of a regional ladder/tournament if the ladder section admin is from that same region. But a translation in English must always be provided as well. If in the event the conflict is looked at by another section admin, everything not mentioned in English will be ignored.

  6. Examples of valid proof are demos, in-game screenshots and server logs that were obtained from a neutral party. Private logs from Steam, IRC etc. or server logs provided by either clan/team will not be considered to be evidence because they can be easily falsified. If a demo is to be used as proof of cheating or other malicious actions, you must immediately specify the match and the appx time of your susptected action. TWIL admins will not look at entire demos.

  7. If the ladder/tournament rules allow a clan/team to request something from the other clan/team (demos, screenshots,...) and the conflict is made because the opponent failed to provide requested items, they have 3 days to upload the items on to the TWIL ftp using the correct file names. The other clan/team can also make such request but only during the first 3 days of the conflict. Upload requests can only be made once by both sides. When a requested upload is complete, the other clan/team has 3 days to provide all info as how the requested and uploaded items would make proof for their claims.

  8. Both sides must state the match result they claim. In case of a score, links to screenshots must be posted immediately. Making ungrounded claims will result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

  9. Any form of abuse, starting off-topic discussions, making unproven accusations, needless repeating already mentioned facts or any other comments not relevant to solving the case will all result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

  10. It is strictly forbidden to contact any TWIL admin in private to defend your case. You may only ask the TWIL admin processing your conflict in private, after one calendar month how long a result on your conflict will take. Anything you have to say must be said openly. Trying to influence a TWIL admin in private will lead to an automatic loss of the conflict.

  11. An automatic loss of the conflict means the claim of the opponent will be granted. If the opponent didn't make a claim, the result will be a no-show loss.

  12. If both clans/teams violated the ladder/tournament rules, the match will be cancelled. Such closure of the conflict does not mean proven individual cheating will go unhandled. In such cases the reported to the clan/team/player(s) will be dealt with under the C&A rules.

  13. If a clan/team does not comment within 3 days since the last reply, it will be considered they have nothing more to add.

  14. The TWIL admin will only look at the comments on the dispute ticket when judging a case. Comments or links to proof on match reports or anywhere else will not be taken into consideration.

  15. Match conflicts will be judged by the ladder/tournament rules at the time of the match and by the match rules agreed upon in the challenge form.

  16. Match conflicts are never urgent and the TWIL admin will typically let a week go by before looking at a case to give both sides the chance to explain their case. Wait patiently until a decision is made. Only when a conflict is older than one month, can you mail a TWIL admin.

  17. Clans/teams that repeatedly make conflicts, that have no foundation in the rules or that are clearly made for the sole purpose of complicating the match process, will be deleted. Clans/teams that repeatedly violate the ladder/tournament rules and force other clans/teams into making conflicts will also be deleted. Three conflicts that have been made without foundation or are pointlessly forced (within the last year) will be considered sufficient to delete the responsible clan/team.

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All competing players and teams must abide by the rules and codes laid down within this document without exception. Failure to do so could lead to the permanent removal of any player or team from the competing in any current or future event at TWIL. If in doubt ask a member of the Admin team. We have unprecedented access to the developer of the games we support and by definition that means all of the anti-cheat software used to support these games as well. All servers used to play official TWIL matches will have Punkbuster & VAC enabled. In addition they will have auto PB screenshots, running cvar checks, streaming status to PBBans, and demo record enabled will all be a requirement. TWIL’s own servers will also use the TWIL Mutator at all times. TWIL has its own anti-cheat team and their sole purpose is to catch and expose players who choose to cheat or abuse others in whatever form that may take.


We do not like cheats or abusive players. If you are found to be cheating and/or abusing others not only will you be banned permanently from all current and/or future events at TWIL, you will also put at risk your entire team and all of its players from receiving a similar ban. TWIL will actively pursue any individual player’s global ban from Punkbuster, PBBans, VAC and Steam if that player has been permanently banned from competing at TWIL. In addition we will broadcast the fact that you have cheated and abused others at TWIL as far and wide as possible. Should an entire team be banned then only the offending player or players who have received the initial ban will be subject to such pursuit. DemoRec, PB, Vac, TWILMut, PBBans Streaming are all in place on our servers. And we monitor all of them. This is your only warning, we won't be giving another so if your thinking of doing any of the following. We won't be giving you another chance when we catch you.

Your Responsibilities

We do not believe that it is TWIL’s sole responsibility to catch players who cheat or abuse others. We believe it is the responsibility of all teams and players who take part in our events to prevent players from cheating and abusing others in whatever form that may take. You are responsible for the conduct of your teammates not TWIL.

Player Guidance

To avoid mistakes please use the following guidance regarding your game settings. If in doubt ask a member of the Admin team.

  1. Do not edit any of your .ini files.

  2. Use only the in-game menus to set your gameplay parameters.

  3. Set your game menus to a minimum of medium or above. Full details of accepted game settings can be found here: Graphics Settings rules.

  4. Do not use any third party .exe, exec' .bat or any other file or programme that can be used to alter of change any and/or all parameters of the games we support at TWIL.

  5. Anything outside of this guidance will be considered an attempt to gain an unfair advantage and by default a cheat.

Cheating and Abuse

  1. The TWIL player code of conduct clearly defines a player’s expected behaviour. If any player fails to adhere to this code it will result in an immediate forfeit loss to that team of any given match or matches. In addition the offending player or players will receive an immediate ban and if deemed appropriate by TWIL the entire team of all its players will be banned from competing in any current or future event at TWIL.

  2. The cheating and abuse rules apply to all TWIL Ladders and Tournaments. Any cheating or abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss and subject to either full or temporary bans.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to use accounts of other users, even if the users are in your clan/team. Such cases will always be considered abuse and subject to either full or temporary bans.

  4. It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse game bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss or additional penalties and the immediate banning of the player/s involved from competing in any event at TWIL. This Includes the use of deliberate suicides or other game bugs in order to subvert the intended match play rules or other rules designed to ensure teams compete with each other on a fair basis with equal opportunity for both to win any given match. Instead you are obligated under this rule to report them and we will get them fixed. Failure to do so could lead to a forfeit loss or additional penalties and the immediate banning of the player/s involved from competing in any event at TWIL.

  5. All programs or files, either changed game files or new files, including all .ini files that change the game or add to its functionality, or which interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden. Modified versions of the game's resource files are always forbidden, regardless of what they do, unless other rules specify otherwise, as in a specified mutator or custom map or similar sanctioned by TWIL for use in a particular event. The use of any forbidden program or file by any clan/team member during a match, leads to a forfeit loss immediate banning of the player/s involved from competing in any event at TWIL.

  6. Console exploits are strictly forbidden. Using the game console to edit the game graphics, sound or any other part of the game in anyway. Instead you are obligated under this rule to report them and we will get them fixed. Failure to do so could lead to a forfeit loss or additional penalties and the immediate banning of the player/s involved from competing in any event at TWIL.

  7. Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs.

  8. If one or both teams cheated and/or used a suspended player and/or used an unregistered player in the match, both teams could be subject to a forfeit loss and the immediate banning of all player/s involved from competing in any event at TWIL.

  9. Use of map bugs to gain an advantage is prohibited and as such will result in a score penalty for that round. Map bugs include but are not limited to: shooting through and entering under terrain, suicide to achieve a spawn forward of your current position, entering areas of a map clearly not designed to be accessed and climbing slopes that clearly are meant to block players. In fact anything outside of the intended developers designs. Instead you are obligated under this rule to report them and we will get them fixed.

  10. Stacking is not allowed, including looking or shooting over objects that cannot be done by a single player.

  11. Boosting is not allowed, including gaining access to areas of a map not accessible by a single player.

  12. Clans/teams abusing the ladder/tournament systems in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance will be deleted. Further punishment may include deletion of the accounts of the person responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances. For example, someone who has made fake accounts for fake wars may lose all of his/her accounts.

  13. The term abusive behaviour is subjective and no-one can determine this specifically in any rule set. What we can confirm is that being subjected to abuse is not acceptable. We will take firm action against these players and the clan that does nothing to prevent it happening. This is not a single player game. You compete as a team and take credit as such. Likewise if a team member abuses others then the whole team maybe subject to any action TWIL should choose to take. It is your responsibility to make sure you enjoy the competition and respect your opposition.

  14. Collusion between players/teams/clans who are in opposition in order to secure a result is strictly forbidden. Any such behaviour during any match in a TWIL ladder or tournament will result in a forfeit loss and subject to either full or temporary bans unless co-operation between teams/clans have been sanctioned by TWIL for purposes of a tournament.

Individual player bans

If a player is caught cheating or abusing others in whatever form that may take then that player will receive a permanent ban from all current and future TWIL events. All accounts registered to that individual will be removed from all TWIL websites and associated groups. You are responsible for the conduct of your teammates not TWIL.

Team bans

In addition to individual bans TWIL will consider complete team bans especially in events that contain significant prizes. Because the games we support are team games we may consider holding the members of an entire team responsible for any rules violations regarding cheating or abuse from any member of their team. As a consequence TWIL may consider it appropriate to ban an entire team as result of any such ban. You are responsible for the conduct of your teammates not TWIL.


In rare cases TWIL may consider that a player or team suspension from competing at TWIL is more appropriate. TWIL reserve the right to suspend any player or team from competing in any current or future event at TWIL for however long they deem is fit.

Reporting Cheats or Abuse

If you or any member of your team have evidence that either a player has cheated or has abused others both verbally and/or visually or via text. You may contact any admin and submit such evidence via the TWIL ticket system. With regards to cheating we would prefer that a member of our anti-cheat were contacted as this will speed up any investigation but this is not a requirement. If you are aware of active ongoing abuse during an official TWIL match then please contact an admin immediately to attend if one is not already present.

Disputes & Complaints

In the event of a disputed result or any other complaint please try to resolve this yourself with the other team/clan before you contact any TWIL admin via the TWIL ticket system. Verbal contact of an admin is not regarded as an active dispute and/or complaint. You must contact TWIL admins via the ticket system, clearly defining your dispute and/or complaint and the reason or reasons that you have for making such complaint.


Players who have been banned or suspended may launch an appeal. This will only be allowed once. Appeals may be registered via a forum pm to any Senior staff member. All decisions made by the TWIL staff will be final. If evidence is presented to TWIL staff at some later stage that a player ban was unfounded or insecure TWIL may consider a second appeal is warranted but this shall remain solely at the discretion of TWIL staff.

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