TWIL Demo Manager

TWIL Demo Manager is a tool for downloading demos and the corresponding mutator for matches played on TWIL Servers.

Agreement and Disclaimer

TWIL Demo Manager Tutorial

Note: TWIL Staff will not provide further support for the tool, use at own risk.


After having installed the TWIL Demo Manager, startup the application and proceed through the following steps in order to play a demo.

Double click on the server where the match you want to watch was played on to download the match-catalog


When the match-catalog has downloaded, download the demo of the match you want to watch


After the demo has been downloaded, install the demo to make it watchable in RO2


After the demo has been installed, start Red Orchestra 2 (leave the TWIL Demo Manager running in the background)


After starting RO2, open the console (default key "F3") and press CTRL+V (or type in ' demoplay TWILDemo ')


Now the demo starts to play! When you are done watching the demo and close the TWIL Demo Manager, it will uninstall the installed demo and you can play normally on TWIL Servers again. The demo file stays on your computer so you can watch it later.


Double click on a match in the Remote Repository list to view match statistics



The demos stay on your computer so you can install them for watching later. To delete a demo from TWIL Demo Manager, go back to the application and select the match/server and click 'Delete'


TWIL DemoPlayer

From 2.2.0 the TWIL Demo Manger comes with an alternative demo-player. This demo-player contains a few features that make it easier to playback demos and analyse a match.
The demo-player contains the following features:

  • Wallhack
    You can enable and disable the wallhack feature by pressing H

  • Playback speed control
    The playback speed can easily be controlled:
    • Fast-forward
      You can fast forward by pressing the Right Arrow key
    • Slow-down
      You can slow down the playback speed by pressing the Left Arrow key
    • Normal-speed
      You can revert to normal speed by pressing the Down Arrow key
  • Markers
    Markers can be placed to easily and enables to fast find back an important position in the demo. You can place markers by pressing the Up Arrow key.
    If you then disconnect from the demo and reload it again, then you can use:
    • Goto next market
      You can fast-forward to the next marker by pressing the Back-Space key
    • Goto marker 1-10
      You can fast-forward to markers 1 up-to 10 by using the numeric keys 1 up-to 0, where 1 will bring you to marker 1 and 0 to marker 10.
    • Goto marker 1-X
      You can fast-forward to any marker by opening the console and type GotoMarker X, where X stands for the marker number.
    • Clear all markers
      You can clear all markers by pressing the Del key
  • Goto frame
    You can fast-forward to a frame by opening the console and type GotoFrame XXX, where XXX stands for the frame number.

  • Set marker offset
    If you goto a marker or frame, then the playback speed will be 32 times the normal playback speed. It will return to normal speed approximately 5 seconds before the marker/frame position. This offset can be changed by opening the console and type SetMarkerOffset XX, where XX is the new offset in seconds. The new value will be active for the remainder of the current demo playback session.

TWIL Demo Manager Changelog


  • Added error codes to trace start-up errors.


  • Published TWIL Demo Player.


  • Fixed bug that caused TWI staff not to be recognized as such.


  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a none-hidden server to not be displayed.


  • Fixed visible debug indicator for release version.


  • Added option to hide a server from the server view (remote repository). This allows us to hide a PCW server. This way others can't peek into an other clans tactics during practice matches.

  • Solved wrong sorting order for matches in both remote and local repository lists.

  • Solved missing PCW indicator for PCW matches in the local repository list.


  • Solved bug that caused a Config.ini not found error (only occurred on fresh installs).


  • Solved bug that caused incorrect behavior if one of the ini files were set to read-only.


  • Prevented that the TWIL Demo Manager could be closed while Red Orchestra 2 was still open.


  • Solved issue with steam id lookup


  • Added account screen


  • Solved bug in clean-up action (when exiting the application).


  • Minor bug fix.


  • Solved bug in the user rights assignment.


  • Removed steam applicationb dependency.


  • Added server alias field to remote database. This allows us to quickly change the server name in case the server is used for a special event.


  • Solved an issue with the steam connection.


  • Fixed an issue where the change-log would be displayed each time on start-up.


  • There was an issue that caused the local repository to be deleted each time when the TWIL Demo Manager was started. This has been solved.


  • Solved startup bug (invalid configuration)


  • Restrict access to TWIL members only to prevent trolls spamming our servers while matches are being played. Steam is required to locate a person in the TWIL database. For this reason steam must be active (and signed in) when using the TWIL Demo Manager.

  • Now also lists PCW matches.

  • Demo files are rather large in size. For this reason the demo's stored in the local repository are now compressed. This reduces the size of the local repository by 40%.

  • There was a bug that causes already downloaded demo's to be downloaded again if the download button is hit an other time. This has been solved.

  • The application could be started more than once. Some people used this to download the demo's with a higher speed. This resulted in high network traffic on the TWIL servers. From now on only one instance can be started.

  • Several minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed a bug that caused crash-on-startup. The software will not automatically update for those that were plagued by this bug. They will have to manually reinstall the tool. The latest installer can be downloaded here.


  • The match-details can now also be viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


  • Minor bugfix


  • Double clicking on the match name will show the match scoreboard xml file (Only with Firefox, IE and Chrome have a restriction that the XML and style-sheet need to be on the same none local domain)
  • Added cancel button to the download screens
  • Checkboxes of demos already located in the local repository are now hidden


  • Added link to the disclaimer on the 'About' screen


  • Fixed temporary folder created by the tool not getting properly deleted
  • Fixed remote database version check


  • Initial release

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