TWIL Bolt Cup


The Bolt Cup tournament is a Countdown tournament with a very distinctive feature, mainly only bolt-action rifles are available! Only the following classes are available in this tournament:
  • Rifleman
    • Bolt-action rifle
  • Commander
    • Bolt-action rifle
    • Two smoke grenades
The axis team has access to the K98K and the allies team to the MN1930. The Bolt Cup is using a double-elimination bracket system. This means that a team that loses a round is not directly out of the tournament and still has a chance to make it to the tournament finals. More about double-elimination tournaments can be read here.


Brackets for double-elimination are not supported by this site. Therefore a separate bracket page has been created. It will be on that page where all the results are displayed. The page can be found here.

Arranging matches

For this tournament the challenge system of this site can not be used. Instead challenges should be arranged between the teams and posted on the forums calendar here. More details about arranging matches can be found on the Bolt Cup's rule page here.

Frequent asked questions

The requent asked questions for the Bolt Cup can be found here.

Sign-up closing date

Sunday, July 19th

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Tournament Rule Highlights


  1. $500
  2. $300
  3. $100

Team sizes to be 6v6 (less or more is not allowed).

Your Clan will need a minimum 6 players in order to join this tournament.

Match play will consist of 1 map chosen by TWIL Prior to each round.

The following stock maps only:

  • CD-Apartments
  • CD-Barracks
  • CD-Red October Factory
  • CD-Fallen Fighter
  • CD-Pavlov's House
  • CD-Spartanovka
  • CD-Grain Elevator
  • CD-Station

All Bolt Cup matches must be played on TWIL Bolt Cup Servers only.
The complete list of available TWIL Bolt Cup servers can be found here.

Play By Dates

With double-elimination the brackets are separated in winners brackets (the top brackets tree) and losers brackets (the bottom brackets tree). The first round for the winners brackets starts on Monday July 20th and the matches must be completed on or before Sunday August 2nd (before 8pm UTC). The winning and losing teams will move on to the next round of the winning brackets or move down to the losers brackets.

The successive round dates can be found in below overview separated by the winners and losers brackets.

Winners brackets
  • 1st round by 2nd of August (before 8pm UTC)
  • 2nd round by 9th of August (before 8pm UTC)
  • ... (list will be completed as soon as the number of teams are known)

Losers brackets

  • 1st round by 9th of August (before 8pm UTC)
  • ... (list will be completed as soon as the number of teams are known)

Teams are allowed to schedule matches as soon as their opponent is known, however the match play date must be within the lifespan of the tournament round to which the match is assigned. That is normally after the map for that round has been drawn and before or on the end-date of that round. (updated 2015/07/22)

Match Rules

  1. Only players registered at shall be allowed in Bolt Cup matches.

  2. Only players assigned to your team (on shall be allowed to play for your team.

  3. In case of conflicts between the home and away team, then always submit a support ticket here. If possible, then make screenshots of the communication between you and the other team. The staff might ask for such in case of conflicts. (added 2015/07/19)

  4. In case something is not covered within these Bolt Cup rules, then our generic rules apply. You can find our generic rules here. (added 2015/07/26)
Arranging Matches
  1. The team at the top of a bracket pairing is always considered the home team and is responsible for ensuring the match is scheduled correctly and a TWIL server is booked. The home team is responsible for posting the match schedule (including server) here.
    • In case the home team did not post the schedule and no support ticket was submitted here to state the reason or to request support from our side and the end date for the round is reached, then we assume that the home team did fail their duty. In that case the away team will receive the points for a win and the home team for a lost. (updated 2015/07/19)

  2. The away team (the team at the bottom bracket) has to confirm the match by making a post saying confirmed in the thread started by the home team here.
    • In case the the home team did post up the match schedule, yet the away team did not confirm the match in that thread and no support ticket was submitted here to state the reason or to request support from our side and the end date for the round is reached, then we assume that the away team did fail their duty. In that case the home team will receive the points for a win and the away team for a lost. (updated 2015/07/19)

  3. The teams are allowed to reschedule a match as long as the play date will be on or before the end date of the round they are in (see above Play by Dates section). In such a case the home team has to post the new arrangement in the thread (as created by them before) and the away team has to confirm again (see above rules). The original play date stands as long as away team does not confirm the rescheduled arrangement. (added 2015/07/24)

  4. In case a team does not take any action or does not cooporate in arranging their matches, then TWIL reserves the rights to remove that team from the roster.
Match Play
  1. On each round the map is played 2 times (2 matches). In the first match the home team starts as Axis. In the second match the home team starts as Allies. For the purposes of match play the winner of each match (either Axis or Allies) is awarded 1 point (hence a maximum of 2 points).

  2. If the 2 matches are played and this results in a tie then the team with the best attacking match stats will be the winner of the match, these stats are determined in the order of: (updated 2015/7/18)
    1. Most objective points captured
    2. Fastest capture time (calculated over all captured objectives)
    3. Least used reinforcements

  3. If teams from two different regions are drawn against each other then they will play one match on a server from each region.
  1. In case a team does not show up with 6 players within 15 minutes after the arranged match time, then the team that did show up will be announced as the winner of that round.

TWIL reserves the right to update these rules at any time.



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Wednesday, December 10th @ 19:00 UTC/GMT
Sunday, November 30th @ 15:45 UTC/GMT
Sunday, November 30th @ 14:30 UTC/GMT
Sunday, November 30th @ 14:00 UTC/GMT
Saturday, November 29th @ 16:00 UTC/GMT
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